Frank Moorhouse reads from ‘Cold Light’

Award-winning author Frank Moorhouse joins us to read from the last novel in the Edith Series, Cold Light. The novel has recently been shortlisted for the 2012 Barbara Jefferis Award.

It is 1950, the League of Nations has collapsed and the newly formed United Nations has rejected all those who worked and fought for the League. Edith Campbell Berry, who joined the League in Geneva before thewar, is out of a job, her vision shattered. With her sexually unconventional husband, Ambrose, she comes back to Australia to live in Canberra. Edith now has ambitions to become Australia’s first female ambassador, but while she waits for a Call from On High, she finds herself caught up in the planning of the national capital and the dream that it should be ‘a city like no other’. Intelligent, poignant and absorbing,

Cold Light is a remarkable stand-alone novel, which can also be read as a companion to the earlier Edith novels Grand Days and Dark Palace.

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