Doug Purdie: Backyard Bees

Internationally, bees are in drastic decline, with whole populations being destroyed overnight, as a result of introduced threats. Many people don’t realise that bees pollinate our food, and without them, we have a major problem. (see Related Event: Honeybee Blues) Urban beekeeping can help protect local bee populations against these threats.

In Backyard Bees, Doug Purdie — a self-described ‘beevangelist’ —shows us that just about anyone can keep bees. They don’t take a lot of time and by having a hive, you are helping the planet.

All you need is a bit of space in your backyard (or on your rooftop), plus a little love for the creatures that pollinate the vegie patches of your neighbourhood. Once introduced to the charms of beekeeping and the taste of warm honeycomb direct from the hive, you’ll be hooked.


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