Diego Bonetto — The Wonderful World of Weeds

Join Diego Bonetto, the wild foods guy, to rediscover the culinary value and other uses of the plants growing in our backyards, parks and green belts that we disparage as ‘weeds


Weeds are everywhere; they can’t be avoided. They are our co-evolutionary species, our bane and medicine, with many of them following human’s footsteps as we expanded from North East Africa and roamed the world.

Some are the ancestors of today’s domesticated food sources, while others have always been harvested form the wild, used for food, natural remedies and craft purposes in folk lore from all over the globe.

Diego will talk about some of the common species of weeds and recognise their value and uses via stories, poems and recipes.


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diego bonetto

Members’ Workshop — Wild Foods Walk with Diego Bonetto
Tuesday, 23 Feb 2016, 10:00am–12:00pm in Centennial Park
$20pp walk/workshop only + $15 for optional Wild Stories guidebook
Click here to book or call on 02 9262 7300 | More information

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