Chris Frame — The Evolution of the Passenger Ship

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between an Ocean Liner and a Cruise Ship? Are you amazed at the size of the Oasis of the Seas, clocking in at 5 times the size of Titanic? Have you ever wondered how ships got so large, or perhaps you are keen to know what sailing on the first ever cruise ship was like?

Join Chris Frame on a journey through the evolution of the passenger ship and explore the changing shape of these ships, including:

  • the race for size and speed on the North Atlantic,
  • how liners became cruise ships,
  • the 1950s boom,
  • and the impact of the Jet Aircraft on ships.

This lecture showcases the birth of modern day cruising and finishes with imagery and an overview of the building of Cunard’s giant Queen Mary 2 — The Last of the Great Ocean Liners.

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