Alan Smith — The Battle of Beersheba 100th Anniversary

Join Alan Smith to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the battle of Beersheba, and the famous charge of the 4th Light Horse Brigade, remembered as the last great cavalry charge.

The Battle of Beersheba began at dawn on 31 October 1917  but by mid afternoon it was clear that the the British 20 Corps were making little headway, and time was running out to capture the strategic town and its vital wells.

At dusk, the 4th Light Horse Brigade made charged the Turkish defenses,  using their bayonets as “swords”. The light horsemen took less than an hour to overrun the Turkish trenches and enter Beersheba.

Thirty-eight Turkish and German officers and about 700 other ranks were taken prisoner, and a supply of water was secured. The Australians suffered 67 casualties. Two officers and 29 other ranks were killed, and 8 officers and 28 other ranks wounded.

The fall of Beersheba was one of the greatest victories for the Allies in the Middle Eastern theatre of the First World War.

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