A Taste of Opera with Murray Dahm (Members’ Only Event)

An Innovation and Programs Committee Initiative

The idea of ‘opera’ divides; to some it is the greatest art form, to others it is ‘not for them’,. And yet opera is all around us.

Opera’s greatest tunes are regulars in film, television and advertising — if you’ve seen Bugs Bunny, you know opera. What is more, people know more about opera than they realize, even if they have never been to an opera (it’s called Soap Opera for a reason).

Whether veteran or newcomer, come and discover the world of opera in an entirely new and entertaining way with Murray Dahm!

Champagne and canapes will be served.

FREE — SMSA Members Only

click here to book or call 02 9262 7300

All Spaces Allocated – WAIT LIST ONLY


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