In A Great Southern Land mary-anne o'connor

Mary-Anne O'Connor — In a Great Southern Land

Mary-Anne O'Connor joins us to tell the story behind her new epic novel, In a Great Southern Land, inspired by her own ancestor’s immigration from Ireland and involvement in the Eureka Stockade and the subsequent trials.
bushwalking for everyone

Bushwalking & the Great Outdoors for Everyone

Join passionate bushwalker Matt McClelland from National Parks Association of NSW to discover the many ways to enjoy the Great Outdoors, including accessible options.
phil barker revolution of man

Phil Barker — The Revolution of Man

Join Phil Barker as he unpacks the myth of Australian masculinity, invites us to rethink what it means to be a man and urges men to reconnect with their emotions.
Matt McArthur-Ross Island

Matt McArthur — Diving Among the Penguins

Join marine biologist Matthew McArthur as he talks about his experiences diving in Antarctica and the diversity of life that can be seen in the sea beneath the sea-ice.
Mary Shelley above draft of Frankenstein

Suzanne Burdon — Mary Shelley, Scientist, and her creation, Frankenstein

Author Suzanne Burdon joins us to discuss Mary Shelley, her interest in Science, and how her creation Frankenstein and his monster still highlights scientific ethical dilemmas we face today.
the marriage of maria braun

Fassbinder's The Marriage of Maria Braun (1978)

In the Marriage of Maria Braun, a young German woman looks for her missing husband and tries to make a life for herself in the gritty aftermath of World War II.
bleeding edge

The Bleeding Edge (documentary screening & panel discussion)

Come along to a free community screening of The Bleeding Edge documentary on medical device injury, followed by a panel discussion and Q&As.
noel coward private life

Walter Mason — Noel Coward's Private Life

Join Walter Mason for a fascinating examination of Noel Coward's carefully guarded private life and how it helped shape his outrageously famous public persona.
Alarm clock in the middle of the night

Prof. Ron Grunstein AM — The Clocks that Run our Health

Join Professor Ron Grunstein as he reveals the intricacies of our circadian clocks, the system that controls our daily biological rhythms.
The Ink Stain Meg and Tom Keneally

Meg and Tom Keneally — The Ink Stain (Monsarrat Book 4)

Join Meg and Tom Keneally as they discuss The Ink Stain, the fourth book in their popular Monsarrat mystery series
Aerial view of the Cataract Dam and Reservoir, NSW. 1999.

John August — Marvels of Engineering & Industrial Heritage

Join John August for a fascinating exploration extraordinary engineering works, antique machines, scientific curiosities, strange objects and natural wonders.
Jazz and democracy 700x400

Speaking of Music… Jazz & Democracy

Dr. Wesley J. Watkins, IV believes engaging the jazz-as-democracy metaphor helps young people develop interdisciplinary thinking, synthesis and analysis skills. This is the first lecture of the 'Speaking of Music...' series presented by SMSA and the Royal Society of NSW
50 Shades of Greying

SENIORS FESTIVAL 50 Shades of Greying — Sex & Older People

Growing older doesn’t need to mean the end of physical intimacy. Our expert panel discuss the challenges – and also the joys – of sex later in life and dispel the myths about sex and aging.
quitting plastic

Clara Williams-Rolden & Louise Williams — Quitting Plastic

Clara Williams-Rolden and Louise Williams answer the tricky questions about Quitting Plastic - like 'How will I wash my hair?', 'Do I have to give up crackers?' and 'What about my bin liner?'
screening kubrick the killing

Kubrick's The Killing (1956)

In Kubrick's The Killing (1956), Johnny Clay masterminds a brilliant criminal scheme to steal $2,000,000 from a local racetrack.
Paddington a history

Garry Wotherspoon — Paddington: A History

Paddington has a long, ever-changing and chequered history. Join historian Garry Wotherspoon as he shares the unique history of Sydney’s celebrated heritage suburb.

Tibor Molnar — Scientists & Philosophers... Need to Talk!

 Perhaps it is time for scientists and philosophers to get together and have a good, long chat.Science used to be…
four elements

Stacey Demarco — Earth, Air, Fire, Water: The Four Elements

Modern Witch, Stacey De Marco reveals the fascinating power of the four elements — Earth, Air, Fire and Water — and how they make up our personal alchemy.