rick searle charles ulm

Rick Searle — Charles Ulm, Australian Aviation Pioneer

Rick Searle reveals the story of visionary Australian aviator Charles Ulm, a contemporary of Kingsford Smith, whose career was overshadowed by his peer and whose last flight disappeared without a trace.
Poetry at SMSA favourite poems

Our Favourite Poems — Poetry at SMSA

Join the Poetry at SMSA group to celebrate their 10th anniversary with a special reading of their favourite poems of all time.
Sydney Opera House_The House header v2

Helen Pitt — The House that Jorn and Peter Built

Helen Pitt shares the extraordinary story of the Sydney Opera House - one of the 20th century's most recognisable building, with new insights into the people involved and controversy surrounding construction.
Wine as Health

Wine as Medicine — An Australian Perspective

Join Dr Philip Norrie as he traces the history of wine as medicine and its unique history in Australia, including why we planted vineyards in our lunatic asylums!
Simeon Simoff - AI Header

Ethics, Emotions and Elegance in Artificial Intelligence

Prof. Simeon Simoff dissects the influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), ncluding social robotics & behavioural machine learning, on our daily lives.
Nanotech by Rosie Hicks

Nanotech — What’s the Big Deal about Small Stuff?

Join Rosie Hicks for a fascinating talk on nanotech and its applications in Australian health, communications and energy.
Autonomous Vehicles by Prof Ann Williamson

Will Autonomous Vehicles Make Us Safer?

Professor Ann Williamson discusses autonomous vehicles and whether driver assist technologies will - or will not - contribute to improved road safety.
Out of the Past

Jacques Tourneur's Out of the Past (1947)

In Out of the Past, Robert Mitchum plays a former private eye who is living the simple life until his past dealings with a gangster (Kirk Douglas) and a femme fatale (Jane Greer) catch up with him.
donate life week

DonateLife — Making Your Decision Count (DonateLife Week)

A kidney transplant recipient and a Donation Specialist Nurse reveal how you can Donate Life - and how to make your decision count.
Prof Simon Lewis - Parkinson's Disease

Prof. Simon Lewis — Parkinson's Disease: More than a Shaking Palsy

Professor Simon Lewis will highlight the challenges in diagnosing Parkinson's Disease, understanding what is going on in the brain and developing better treatments.
Maeve OMeara

Magnificent Obsessions: Maeve O'Meara

Walter Mason chats to food anthropologist Maeve O'Meara about the food she loves, the places she goes to and the projects that make up her magnificent obsessions
Great Australians Youve Never Heard Of - Lecture #2

Peter Baume AC — Great Australians You've Never Heard Of: Lecture #2

Join Peter Baume to learn the identity of our second Great Australian: an Australian scientist who once injected himself with the myxoma virus! Co-presented by the Sydney Mechanics' School of Arts and the Royal Society of New South Wales.
Winter Sleep (2014)

Classic Film Night —Winter Sleep (2014)

Aydin, a former actor, owns a mountaintop hotel in Cappadocia, with his young wife Nihal, with whom he has a stormy relationship and his sister Necla who is suffering from her recent divorce. 
The Barefoot Surgeon Ali Gripper Dr Sanduk Ruit

The Barefoot Surgeon — Ali Gripper & Dr Sanduk Ruit in conv.

Ali Gripper, author of The Barefoot Surgeon, joins Dr Sanduk Ruit to share his extraordinary journey to becoming one of the world's top ophthalmologists.
Jean Cocteau

Walter Mason — Glamorous Paris: Jean Cocteau

Join Walter Mason for an exploration of Jean Cocteau's life, his outrageous achievements, his great loves and victories and his sometimes-tormented soul.
Parramatta Female Factory

Patrick Dodd — Governor Macquarie & the Parramatta Female Factory (200th Anniversary)

Join president of the Macquarie Society, Patrick Dodd, as he tells the story of the Parramatta Female Factory and Macquarie's part in its history to mark the Factory's Bicentenary.
Alexx Stuart low tox life

Alexx Stuart — Low Tox Life

Activist and educator Alexx Stuart shares the simple changes you can make in your life and home to move towards living a Low Tox Life.
The Missing Man by Peter Rees

Peter Rees — The Missing Man

Peter Rees rights the wrong that saw Australia's first Aboriginal fighter pilot, Len Waters, become a missing man in Australia's wartime flying history.