SMSA’s Board of Directors for 2022

Election Results

On Tuesday 15 March 2022, the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts held its Annual General Meeting.

There were seven candidates for six positions as Director. One candidate withdrew their nomination.

The successful candidates for Director, elected by the members, were Jane Biscoe, Cecile Cornford, Christine Campbell, Brian Johnston, Denis Mockler, and Stephen Newton. They join the serving Directors to form the Board of the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts for 2022.

Directors are to serve a three year term except Stephen Newton who is to serve a two year term and Brian Johnston who is to serve a one year term. This was determined by a count of votes.

Office Holders

According to the By-laws (2019), item 13.2 c. “The Board shall determine which Directors are to fill the offices of Treasurer and Vice Presidents at the first Board meeting after the Annual General Meeting.” Accordingly, the office holders will be appointed at the April 2022 Board meeting.


The SMSA is constituted by the Act of Incorporation 1886 and the Amended Acts of 1929 and 1940 and governed by our By-laws.

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