We Thank Our Volunteers on the Tom Keneally Centre’s 4th Anniversary

The Tom Keneally Centre recently celebrated its 4th anniversary (18th August) and SMSA Vice President Winsome Allen and Tom Keneally took the opportunity to present our dedicated SMSA Volunteers with a Certificate of Appreciation.

The TKC, as we lovingly call the Centre, holds Tom Keneally’s personal collection of books and memorabilia that he has donated to the SMSA and which form his living legacy to Australia. 

The volunteers report to the coordinator of the Tom Keneally Centre, Winsome Allan who is Chair of the Library Committee. Even before its official opening, our volunteers were working hard to catalogue and shelve the books ready for the TKC’s launch in 2011, and their work continues today cataloguing more books as they come in, labelling and covering books, managing the collection of archival materials, and much more as needed.  Some of our volunteers also assist in the SMSA Library on Level 2. 

“Our volunteers are vital to the Tom Keneally Centre”, said Winsome Allen, “We truly would not be able to do it without them, and so these certificates are a token of our sincere gratitude for their time and commitment over the last four years.”

The mission of the SMSA has always been to provide open access to learning, and Tom’s wishes align with our traditions. Far from being an ‘ivory tower’, the Tom Keneally Centre is open to everyone to visit and explore, and SMSA members can also borrow from its collection. The books on the shelves are each there for a reason. Either Tom has used  them to research information for one of his novels or non-fiction books — or they are books he has read and that have significance to him. Tom is currently in the process of writing an insert for each the books explaining why they each have a place in his library. This is an ongoing process for the volunteers.

Apart from their behind-the-scenes assistance, our team of volunteers also staff the Tom Keneally Centre on its open days, every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:30am to 2:30pm. Be sure to drop in, say ‘Hi!’ and borrow a book!

Again, thank you to all our SMSA Volunteers:


Fran Barton, Ruth Briese, Judy Bolton, Val Davidson, Anne Devrell, Val Donovan, Di Isler, Shirley Hunt, Wendy Kaye, Kelvin Law, Carole O’Brien, Margaret Rapsey, Marlene Smith, Kay Templeton and Moya Williams.


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