The SMSA is:


The SMSA is governed by a set of By-Laws which were approved for use in a General Meeting of the Members on 6 December 2012.

download icon SMSA By-Laws 2012 (approved) PDF

Act of Incorporation & Ammendments

The SMSA is constituted by its own Act of Parliament. The first Act was passed in 1874 and was repealed in 1886 and replaced with the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts Incorporation Act 1886.

download icon Act of Incorporation 1886 PDF

download icon Ammended Act 1929 PDF

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The first two articles of the Act establish the purpose of the SMSA. A few years ago the Board of Directors decided to use these Articles to form a Charter for the future activities of the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts.

The Charter of the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts

A certain Literary Society or Institution was established in Sydney in the year 1833 under the name and style of the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts, the objects being the intellectual improvement of its members and the cultivation of literature, science and art.

The objects of the said Institution shall be promoted by the maintenance of a library and reading room, the delivery of lectures, the encouragement of social, intellectual and physical recreation, and such other means as the Board may from time to time deem advisable.

The Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts will continue to carry out these objectives and expand them to meet the needs of today and the future by the following means; it will:

  • operate a centrally situated library and reading room
  • hold lectures, seminars and workshops on issues of current affairs, literature, science and the arts, and publish papers and interviews arising from these activities
  • provide a venue for educational and cultural activities
  • assist groups which support or engage in educational activities or supplement education with cultural and natural history experience.