Board of Directors for 2016

Election Results

On Tuesday, 15 March 2016, the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts held its Annual General Meeting.

Seven nominations had been received for eight vacant directorships, so in accordance with the By-laws the presiding officer declared the following candidates duly elected, joining the serving directors to form the Board of Directors for 2016.

  • Winsome Allen
  • Shirley Hunt
  • Carole O’Brien
  • Reinhard Ronnebeck
  • Eugene Stawski
  • Geoff Webb
  • Alister Wong

Thanks were also given to John Robinson who retired as director.

About the Board

The Board of the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts is made up of thirteen Directors elected by the members.

Directors are appointed for a term of two years, with six Directors up for re-election every second year. 

The election of the President occurs every odd-numbered year, ie. 2015, 2017 etc. The President is also elected by the members but no person may hold the office for more than two consecutive terms.

Vice Presidents and Treasurer

The Vice Presidents and Treasurer are appointed by the Board in fulfillment of Article 6 of the Sydney Mechanics’ School of Arts Incorporation Act of 1886.

These appointments occurred at the April 2016 Board meeting and are as shown to the left.